Education Resources
Distance Learning
  • ACEI - Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute
  • BASRA - Bay Area School Reform Collaborative, fosters local involvement community California
  • CA & State EDU - distance learning resource California Website
  • City College of SF - education community resources, San Francisco
  • DMV - sample CA drivers license test
  • Links2Go - links to other schools & depts
  • NetLearn - crash courses for educators (website)
  • PowerUP - Fighting the Digital Divide, a National Non-Profit
  • SF State University San Francisco
  • SFUSD - Unified School District San Francisco California Website
  • US INS - citizenship sample questions/answers
  • Web-based Education Resource - News for Educators & Activist  (web)
  • A Very Special Memorial Tribute To Commander Charles Butler McVay and His CREW - He was the Skipper of the USS Indianapolis, which left Hunters Point in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Atomic Bombs that were used on Hiroshima and, Nagaski, Charles McVay like the Community was Scapegoated for different reasons, however never the less still scapegoated. Both the USS Indianapolis and the Community have lost many people. Why to keep Atomic Secrets Buried?
  • A Very Special Tribute to the Black Service Men of Port Chicago- They were scapegoted along with others, like the Community of Hunters Point in the San Francisco Bay Area, to keep Atomic Secrets Buried. Look at the photos page 3, that sure looks like a Polaris, did they test or not test weapons in our respective communities? It is time for some honesty, it is the people that count.
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